Frequent Questions

  • What are Red Zone Games?

    Football Teams - Play against other BEGINNER level youth teams from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, etc. in the NFL's Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium. 6 Divisions ages 7 through 12 years old. Cheer Teams - Perform STAR CHEER 50 Yard Line Routine & cheer from sidelines right where the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform! Fans - Enjoy front row seats and watch all of the day's games! ***EVERYONE receives a Self-guided Tour of AT&T Stadium, Home of the Dallas Cowboys.***

  • What are the 2017 Event Dates?

    Sun Aug 27. Other dates TBA - Call/text ASAP Melissa 512-809-8765. Your team MUST be pre-approved first.

  • How long do teams play for? (New for 2017)

    Teams that have paid for a total of 50 or more combined Registration Fees (Players, Football Coaches, Cheerleaders & Cheer Coaches) & Advance Fan Tickets (Fans) 14 days before the event play for 60 minutes total running clock. Teams with less than 50 paid combined Registration Fees (Players, Football Coaches, Cheerleaders & Cheer Coaches) & Advance Fan Tickets (Fans) 14 days days before the event play for 30 minutes total running clock. [Exceptions are considered on a case by case basis (call/text Melissa 512-809-8765)]

  • Cheer Teams: What's the STAR CHEER 50 Yard Line Routine?

    Cheer teams are able perform on the 50 Yard line just in front of the famous Dallas Cowboys Star! Get your cameras ready! Cheer teams can perform up to 3 minutes to do routines (and/or cheers). The routines are performed about every hour or two while the games occur. An approximate 50' x 40' area is roped off on the 50 Yd line about half-way between the Cowboys star and the sidelines. Email your cheer team's favorite MP3 song to with 'Team Name & Event Date' in subject heading! (by 3 days before Event Date)

  • * How do I buy $35 Advance Fan Tickets? *

    ***Buy at starting July 27, 2017***! Available until 14 days before the event. Print instantly from your computer and take to event. (We no longer mail out "hard tickets"). $45 Fan Tickets + tax available Game Day Entry K.

  • Is parking free?

    Yes! Parking is free for all Red Zone Games. Entry K.

  • Is there a chance we will play early morning or late Sun night?

    Yes, you can play as early as 7:30AM or as late as 7:00PM (ending as late at 8:00PM) on Sun. If that uncertainty does not work for your team, please do not sign up. However, you can request a "block" to not play EITHER early morning OR later in the evening. Most teams want to play in the middle of the day, but that's not possible. It really comes down to the "luck of the draw."

  • What should player wears to the stadium?

    Players and cheerleaders should come dressed for the game; however, players can only wear cleats in AT&T Stadium when on the field. If players wear cleats into the lobby, they will be asked to remove them. Players will carry their helmet and shoulder pads with them and can take them to the field and put on the sidelines, along with any other equipment. Label your children’s things with name and team info.

  • Does my bag/purse have to be clear?

    There are no bag restrictions for Red Zone Games. Ladies you can carry your regular purses.

  • Do you mail out hard tickets any more?


  • Who needs a ticket?

    No one over the age of 5 is admitted free. Players, football coaches, cheerleaders & cheer coaches complete the 2017 Football or Cheer Team Registration Forms & pay a $35 Registration Fee/pp and check in game day. Fans can purchase $35+tax Advance Fan Tickets or 45+tax Game Day Fan Tickets.

  • What is the "8 Play Minimum Rule"?

    The bare MINIMUM number of plays is 8 over the course of 6 minutes. NOTE: This is "self-regulated" between coaches and parents.

  • How do I book in a "Host Hotel"? (2017 TBD)

    TBA June 1, 2017

  • What is the format? How many games do we play?

    Same as 2016. See "Rules" at very bottom of page.

  • When are start times released?

    Red Zone Games Event Day Program is posted to Red Zone Games Facebook Page about five days before the event date. Be ready to play anytime on Saturdays 7:30a to 10:00p and Sundays 7:30a to 9:00p.

  • When should we arrive at the stadium?

    That will depend on what time your start time is and if you’ll want to tour before or after your games. We suggest that teams meet as a group outside of Entry K and enter the stadium as a group.

  • Should we take our own water?

    Teams should take empty water jugs into the stadium through Entry K and fill them on field level.

  • When do we tour AT&T Stadium?

    First, coaches should decide if your team will tour "as a group" or if "everyone is on their own". Touring "as a group" is way more fun! Allow maybe 90 min to see everything. You may choose to tour the stadium either before or after you play depending on your game times.

  • Are wheelchairs available?

    Yes, just bring an ID to Entry K.

  • Are cameras allowed?

    Lenses longer than 3" are NOT allowed per NFL policy. Video cameras are NOT allowed in the stadium. However, DVDs of your child’s game will be for sale on game day for $19.40 + tax. You will get to leave with your DVD on Event Day!

  • Will concessions be available?

    Typically one or two concessions stands are open after 11am.

  • When are the birth certificates required?

    Copies of Birth Certificates MUST be in a folder on Game Day or else your team cannot play!

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Other Common Questions

How exactly are final match-ups determined? Our system has created 1,000's of fun, safe football games since 2012 where teams from the smallest 1A or 2A towns have won just as many games as teams from larger areas. Match-ups are “hand-picked” based on several factors.  Red Zone Games are NOT about finding out who’s the best 10 and under team, for example. If your number one priority is proving how good your team is, this is NOT for you. Red Zone Games are about having amazing experience while playing fun, safe football games where EVERY player gets the chance to play in the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. Most leagues have a max age or weight of the teams in their league. This is because they can control most of the other variables and reside in a district of similar community size. Although this works for league games (even though you STILL get 42-0 games), this would not work for Red Zone Games where so many other factors come into play.
We’re from a small town, none of the kids on my team played football before, and I don’t really have any great athletes on my team. Will we mostly likely lose our games? No!  Most of the teams who play in Red Zone Games are RECREATIONAL teams from small towns with little football experience and we adjust our brackets accordingly to allow teams from smaller areas play teams from larger areas that give smaller areas teams and EQUAL chance at winning.


Red Zone Games abide by Texas High School UIL rules with a few exceptions:
  • Field use: Teams play on half field. Play begins at 20 yard line and play towards the end zone.
  • 10 yard line is first down.
  • If defense stops offense due to loss of downs or turnover, ball possession switches. This repeats until contest if over.
  • Game Length: 11 man tackle teams play for 30 or 60 minutes total running clock (See FAQ's for explanation). We typically divide up that time against two or three opponents.
  • Injuries or other unforeseen events usually DO NOT stop the clock. The ref has right to make any call he deems fit.
  • Half time: Teams switch possession at half time, but there is no time allotted to break.
  • Interception/Fumble: Play is blown dead on an interception or fumble.
  • Special Teams: There are no kickoffs and punts.
  • Scoring: TD’s 6pts. All extra points 2pts.
  • Red Zone Games “Mercy Rule”-The refs have leeway as to how to implement this, but here’s some basic guidelines
    1. 3 TD’s: If a team goes ahead by 3 TD’s, the losing team stays on offense until the margin is reduced to two TD’s. Ball is first placed on 2 ½ yard line and losing teams gets four (4) plays to score. If unsuccessful, ball is placed on goal line until losing team scores.
    2. 2 TD’s in last minute: If a team is losing by 2 TD’s less than a minute left, ref may move ball up to 2 ½ or goal line to help the losing team score.
  • One (1) is coach allowed in huddle (8 and under teams: Two (2) coaches allowed in huddle).
  • Minimum Play Rule: The bare MINIMUM number of plays is '8' on teams with 25 or less players and '6' with teams with more than 25 players. NOTE: This is "self-regulated" between coaches and parents.
  • No timeouts.
  • Refs have right to adhere to play clock as much or as little as they want depending on game situation.
  • Stalling: If the ref feels a team is trying to stall to take advantage of the “running clock”, he again has the right to make any call he deems fit. For example, he may call “loss of down” or “loss of possession” OR could allow a team to run extra plays.
  • Celebration of score OK.
  • Common youth football questions:
    1. Nose guards are allowed.
    2. Can rush an extra point kicker.
    3. No defense restrictions. (Blitzing allowed, etc)
  • Teams with a “Win at all costs attitude” are not invited back. Red Zone Games are about giving EVERY player an amazing experience that they’ll remember forever.
  • Inappropriate behavior means immediate dismissal from AT&T Stadium and an organizational ban from future Red Zone Games.